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How To Take Your Of Your Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers?

How to take care of your Egyptian cotton bed (duvet covers)? Here are all the things you need to know.

In a room, a bed is the most important piece of furniture as you spend most of the time on it. So, it should bring the required comfort to you. For the exact comfort, you should get the perfect bed sheets and duvets for your bed. One of the best options is Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers.

Egyptian cotton is the best cotton in the world. It is famous for its softness and strength, and it is considered the finest cotton available. Egyptian cotton is the extra-long-staple cotton which is produced in Egypt. This cotton thrives and grows much longer than the typical cotton.

If you have a bed set, sheets, duvet covers, and other bedding pieces made of Egyptian cotton, it will give you amazing comfort and warmth. This is the perfect investment to have sweet dreams in your bedroom. Moreover, to keep this comfort consistent, you should also follow the procedure of protecting them. Allow us to inform you of all the precautions you need to know.

Is it okay to machine wash Egyptian cotton?

Fortunately, there is no issue with machine washing Egyptian cotton sheets or duvets. But you will have to follow some instructions to wash them. These instructions will help you to keep the cotton good as new for a long time. Moreover, they will get softer after each wash. So, keep on reading to know the instructions.

Best way to wash your Egyptian cotton

The best method for washing your Egyptian cotton is:

  1. Before laundering, check for stains on your bedsheets. You can remove small stains using hydrogen peroxides. Apply it on the stain and dab the stain with a cloth to remove it. The large stains will be removed during the machine wash. In the machine, use cold water on a gentle cycle along with vinegar and baking soda to get rid of the stains.
  2. Do not wash the cotton on a fast cycle. Keep it low and gentle. Also, wash the Egyptian cotton separately from other items. And try not to overload the machine, so it gets a better chance to clean all the stains. 
  3. To wash your Egyptian cotton, only use the pH-balanced laundry detergent as it will be gentle enough to keep the quality of your cotton. It works for both white and colored sheets. Moreover, it is wise to use half of the amount of detergent as you would do for normal clothes. This helps to reduce the risk of any damage to the cotton fibers from chemicals.
  4. To make your sheets dry faster, you can put them in a dryer right after washing. But to prevent wrinkles, shake them well before putting them in the dryer. Moreover, to stop the shrinking of sheets set the dryer on a warm setting.

Can Egyptian cotton shrink?

It is natural for all the fibers to shrink when washed; it also includes Egyptian cotton. During the manufacturing process, a thread stretches cotton fibers. When they are washed, they return to their original size that causes the cotton to shrink.

This is why it is recommended to wash the cotton in cold water as the cold water can prevent the process of shrinking.


Comfort is necessary in life, especially when you are going home for rest. A good bed sheet can add to that comfort. And a bedding set made of Egyptian Cotton is the perfect option for that. You can get a good Egyptian Cotton set from Reezbotic as they are giving a great discount on it.